Sunday, June 29, 2008

Justifying and Settling

So I finally bought a scale and it read 151.8... TWO times! I was ecstatic! Here I was thinking I had gained five pounds at least and I'd lost about 3-4 pounds! But... this was not good. Yesterday I overate everything..

I made biscuits and sausage gravy for three of our friends who did a miniature triathalon together, two guys from our ward who played soccer with us yesterday EARLY morning, and those of us who were here in our apartment (two had gone to Idaho Falls overnight). It was terrible! I only ate one biscuit with gravy, some oranges, but I had two helpings of grits with syrup and butter and salt. I felt very full and I did some snacking later. I did okay though when it was time for me and Taleea to go to Taco Time, I hadn't eaten anything since like 2:30 or something and it was 6:00. Instead of a simple taco, I got a chicken and rice burrito thing that probably had 500-600 calories, and then I drank water. Well, I felt full but ate some strawberries with chocolate anyways... then sherbert with sprite... then quite a few nachos with salsa... then a couple pretzels... then a cupcake... three doritos... I don't know what else. I wasn't full or anything, but the crap I was putting into my body was just terrible for me I know! Oh, and I had about a serving size worth of cookie dough ice cream at like 12:00am. >.<

I'm gonna do better daggonnit! I wore makeup for the first time yesterday (check my regular blog to see why sometime tonight or tomorrow) and it made me feel so good that I need to lose weight and make the REST of my body look great!

Oh btw, I jogged a mile on Saturday. I DID power walk one of the straights on laps #2,3,4 but I'm gonna keep it up! I met a guy Dan who said he'd be my running buddy, and Cami and I already go together so I'M GONNA DO IT! My goal is to be able to jog 2-3 miles but RUN run an actual mile before I leave here!

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