Saturday, February 20, 2010

Make a Plan

So... the one problem my last few weight loss goals have missed is a PLAN! I just made one last night and BY GOLLY I am gonna stick to it. As I stick to it I am also going to implement the 4-day Wins that are listed in the "4-day Win: End your diet war and achieve thinner peace" book. I really loosely planned it all though and tried to aim for smaller goals.

Work the...

Abs: 5 times a week
Upper body: 2 times a week
Lower body: 2 times a week
Cardio: 20 mins 6 times a week

Abs doesn't have to be anything big, just 20 reps of four or five different exercises. Upper and lower body things are combined in the EA Active Wii game, along with cardio and that's all done in like 15-45 minute workouts. When I go to the gym I usually ellipticize for 25-30 minutes AND work upper and lower. And 20 minutes of cardio is not very hard to do, so it's obtainable.

My food plan is fairly simple, just get all the food groups each day and I outlined a guide for how many servings of each food group I want (so I get the proportions right, not eating like 10 lbs of meat while only eating 1 fruit a day). I can have TWO sweet things a day, so if I give in and have something sweet early I don't weep about not being able to have ice cream that night. And I only have serving sizes of sweets... everything else is serving size or what looks about right.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Mini-me by March

So guess what? I am going to be THE Bruington's Biggest Loser dangit! I've already established my 4-day goals (though not weight oriented yet) and I will win. Most definitely.

Weight: 172ish +/- a few lbs.
Height: 5'4.5"
BMI: 29ish... definitely end of overweight almost in obese category *cringe*
Time: 6 weeks give or take a few
Desired ending weight: the 160's (preferably below 167)

We plan on a family vacation to the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg Virginia in March. Dunno when in March but I plan on making my weight loss begin NOW so I look my best for.... who? MYSELF! I wanna lose some inches and tone some muscles!!! YEE HAW!