Saturday, June 21, 2008


I broke through the 170 barrier, 169.4 baby! I am SO happy! I have a renewed energy for working on weight loss, I get to go through the 160's now!!

I didn't get to exercise yesterday, the whole day just kind of slipped away from me. I think the key for me is to get it done before noon. I think I'm going to try and workout with the kids all around me this morning, which sucks but what else can I do? At least tomorrow and the next day Jason will be here so I will have an easier time being 'kidless'.

Eating yesterday-- I did great! I kept thinking about that scale and it kept my hands out of the proverbial 'cookie jar'.

Its funny how my old habits just come back to me without my even thinking about them. Yesterday the kids and I went to Walmart for some school supplies and dog food and in the checkout line I was 'checking out' the candy. I *almost* picked up a York peppermint pattie (which in my fat past I would DEFINITELY have picked one up, probably 2 or 3 and ate at least one on the drive home) but I didn't! I was so proud of myself.

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