Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Been Counseled

I actually went to a counselor about overeating/food addiction, and she says she doesn't think I'm addicted to food.... hmm, I beg to differ. We talked about everything else as well and she made me commit to not helping a certain friend whom I've been holding up and carrying for the past 10 years and just letting that friend go so I can quit dealing with it.

Whatever, she said if I got rid of that, it might help (although I eat because I'm bored mostly, not necessarily because I'm stressed) but the sooner I realize food itself is not the issue and make food my friend I'll get over it. "Tell yourself that hey, if you're hungry you'll eat; if you're not hungry you won't eat." I've overeaten my caloric intake for the past few days, but I think I'm doing somewhat better. I still am overeating at times, but I'm overcoming it bit by bit.

Thanks for the tip Becca, I've kept that in mind and tried to establish that in my daily life. I also made a commitment to go exercise at the gym once a week this semester. I figured if I did 3-4 times I would fail miserably because it would be this huge obligation, but if I make sure I go at least one day, that's attainable and it might motivate me to do other days as well!

Good luck yall!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Overeating tip...

My friend out here in Idaho has lost over 80 pounds in the past 10 months or so, which I think is phenomenal! Well, I asked her because she has a sweet tooth and wanted sweets to snack on everyday what she did. She told me she still snacks on them everyday, but that it's just ONE per day. If this helps, try it Mary. Don't totally deprive yourself or you're going to fail. She keeps a little can of miniature candy bars for "dessert" after lunch. She has one everyday after her healthy lunch, works out every day for 40 or 30 mins and eats very well. She still has a bit to go before reaching her target goals but I thought this might help. It feels good to indulge a TINY bit everyday and helps you feel like you are not just cramming your body with celery and cabbage....

I love you Mary! GOOD LUCK!!!!

Glad to be back!

I'm glad I checked this thing and I'm glad Becca and Sarah are using it! Now, me too!

I've realized that my Food Addiction has become severely worse at college, I was doing okay at first but yesterday I had several uncontrolled binging and snacking moments. After an attempt to discuss this with my roommates, they all told me I had no "Food Addiction" and that it was all mental. OF COURSE ITS ALL MENTAL, WHAT DO YOU THINK AN ADDICTION IS?! ?! ?! Anyways, that kinda ticked me off, but they did try to help by telling me to drink water instead, eat, but eat stuff like cabbage and celery and pickles. (low to no cal foods) Sweet of them, and I will take their advice, but my problem is - I don't HAVE to eat 24/7 like I try to!

Anyways, today is the start of a stuck-to eating plan, I'm gonna allow myself a sweet or two a week as a reward (otherwise I'm sworn off sugar other than those couple sweets a week - they give me cold sores anyways) and I'm gonna work out! Me and Heidi are gonna work out this evening at 7pm.

My goal is 140lbs. I CAN do it! It's about 10-12 lbs at this point, so if I eat REAL small portions and exercise/strength train frequently, I should do good and be able to lose 2 lbs a week. I'm also going to post on here everyday with a short review of how I did.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mild update

I haven't done as much as often as I'd have liked partially due to the bitter chilling cold winds that are blowing right now, enough to make my kids complain about being outside, and partially because I just am not motivated enough to get out of the house unless I have to.

Today I walked all over a subdivision looking at house and went visiting teaching on foot and then walked to look at another house this evening with the family. I also walked on Monday with the kids for about 30-40 mins, but it was so cold they didn't want to stay out any longer than that. I'm going to try to go walking tomorrow morning before my WIC appointment but I might not. I just am not sure right now...goodnight

I'm back!

I'm back online. And I have to be back on the blog because I still have weight to lose. I need a goal. I'm down to 157.5 (the scale betrayed me this morning and said 159 but I refuse to accept that number! Probably the big n tasty I had yesterday from McDonalds!)

Anyway I haven't been exercising but I've lost 10 lbs in the last few weeks because of being depressed. I'm actually amazingly starting to feel better which is good except that it means that I'm responding to hunger again! So tomorrow I'm promising the faithful blog readers (uhhh Becca and Mary... lol) that I will exercise. I was doing the biggest loser workouts so I may go back to that or I may just have some fun and play DDR. Or heck maybe I'll get REAL crazy and do both!

Will post tomorrow night my success story ;)

Friday, January 16, 2009


I am seriously in a rut. Of course it's because I haven't exercised in the past THREE days! I need to just wrap those kids up and get out there!! There's been this thick yucky fog outside and it's seeping in and depressing me...I didn't even clean my kitchen yesterday, and I always clean my kitchen...Could someone please kick my butt in gear???

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the whole family!

We all went for a walk yesterday, including Allen. Of course Belle wasn't there so it wasn't the whole family per se but it was the whole family that lives with us...lol With Allen along it was a bit quicker of a pace but that's alright. It's better for us right?? He even carried Lily and then Noah on his shoulders. Not so much for fun, but as a means for them to keep up! Of course when he put Lily down to pick up Noah she wanted to ride on my shoulders, which I've done from time to time but couldn't this time because I was pushing an empty stroller. So I got her to take a ride in the stroller instead. It was a good time and I look forward to more family walks on the weekends.

Along with my sudden start with exercising, I have started really making good things for our family to eat. Part of this has to do with eating what we have due to lack of money for any alternative but part of it is that I want to be better about using my food storage and eating right. I want my kids to grow up healthy and strong and it's very important for them to eat right now, so it's not a matter of not know how later in life. I have seen families that have eaten poorly their whole lives and when expected to change for medical reasons or any reason, they simply cannot because they don't know how. Luckily I was raised in a home that did not eat out or over-eat. I do not over eat regardless of how poor the quality of my food may be. I am overweight because I made poor food choices, not because I over-indulged. Thank goodness. Well, I'll get off this soap box and get started! I have bread baking in the oven and need to read my scriptures! Have a good day! :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Feeling good...

We walked about 30 mins yesterday, but more at a stroll than anything since Noah wasn't in the stroller. No big deal though it was nice to get out of the house.

Today was a beautiful day and since our church starts at 1pm this year, we decided to walk to church. Allen was at drill so with Noah in the stroller and Lily walking with me, we made the trek to church in 45 minutes!! I have no idea how far away it is, I am guess around 2 miles. We would have walked home too but it got cold and were offered a ride so in spite of Lily's protests to walk, we hitched a ride home. She loves walking with me, I think it makes her feel more grown up when she can keep up with me. Poor thing almost ran the entire way trying to keep up with me and had her shoes on the wrong feet as well! Luckily she's a super trooper so she's just fine. I hope we can keep this up! I am planning to go tomorrow hopefully with Allen for the first time as well so wish us luck!! :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Today was good :)

We went walking today for about an hour, maybe a bit more. I was so excited Lily wanted to walk faster than a turtle today so we actually burned some calories :) so it was a good day. After lunch, I took the kids to Arctic Circle to play (not eat!) and let them burn about a good hour's worth of energy so they were quite ready for bed tonight! Good thinking mom! We had a good day and am looking forward to another good day tomorrow! YAY me :)

It's the pits being sick

I tried numerous times to get out of the house yesterday and go walking but if it wasn't one child, it was the other....so better luck today for us. Poor Lily was on the pot 1/2 the day...I really need to call her GI doctor and make sure her test results came back. Any 3 year old really shouldn't have to deal with that on a regular basis. Between that and Noah not wanting to nap until 4:45, I'm hoping that today we get on out there! Maybe even twice!! Good luck to me! :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter Blues are getting better :)

I have been fighting the winter blues pretty bad. I've tended to turn on the tv to a movie or pbs and park the kids in front of it while I nap or crochet or just poke my nose into a book. I really do enjoy a good book, but not at the cost of my health and my kids health. I decided last Monday that we needed to just get out of the house and move! So I bundled the kids up and took them for a 60 min walk around the neighborhood in the snow and ice! It was so much fun for them that we did it again the next 3 days. Of course this made sure that we all got sick for the weekend and are finally well enough to go back outside today so we went out (fresh snow again, about 6-8 inches) and didn't make it very far but came back and played in the snow in the yard building a snowman and whatnot. It was very refreshing and a good workout. We put our things in the dryer so we can go out again after nap time and jump in the untouched snow of the backyard this time. Since I started this pregnancy ahead of the curve on the weight side of things, I wouldn't mind keeping the weight off as much as possible. Besides, staying fit and trying to be healthy is not going to hurt the baby! :) I'm just not going to overdo it but am trying to make a conscious effort to stay active at home, watch minimal tv and be productive. We'll see :) Monday's check in weight at the dr: 180. Better than I thought, but still a lot...

Sorry for the novel Mary and Sarah. I hope y'all are having good luck with staying healthy and losing weight.