Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hushing the negative voices in my head...

Today I put on a bathing suit and immediately felt disgusted. What good is losing 20 pounds, I say to myself, when I still look so bad in a bathing suit. I might as well haven't lost any weight at all.

UGH the self sabotaging voices are raging today! I haven't exercised yet and they're trying to tempt me into just not exercising today at all. They are making me look in the fridge and cupboards at what there is to gorge on. I won't give in, I CAN'T give up, but today it is so hard!

On to other dieting-type news-- last night for dinner I made some salmon fillets with a mustard-chipotle sauce. I cooked some lentils with a little onion, carrots and cumin. I served the lentils and salmon over a bed of baby spinach with a basalmic vinagrette dressing. It was VERY VERY good! Mom has a ton of blueberries so I made a blueberry cobbler for dessert. It was from the Healthy Cooking magazine so in essence it would have been somewhat dietary.. but add the scoop of vanilla ice cream and real whipped cream and it probably had 500-600 calories. So my dessert last night doesn't help the fat feeling today. It sure was good though!

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