Monday, September 1, 2008

Controlled, again.

My eating has been very good. I've been doing pretty dang well, not really snacking (although since this isn't my house, I have had snacking urges but I have no food source), and eating slowly and not a whole lot at meal times.

I've even resisted overeating my beef jerky and pretzel sticks that are stowed in my car.

Really, if you have a snacking or "I just really want to eat something" issue, get fat free wal-mart brand pretzel sticks. Eat one at a time, munch 'em with your front teeth because its fun, and make sure you stop yourself after a bit. A serving size is 39 sticks (takes a LONG time to get there if you eat them one by one and slowly), and that's 100 calories. Awesome deal, huh?!

Sarah, you NEED to post. Although I don't think you have internet so that could explain...