Friday, January 22, 2010

Mini-me by March

So guess what? I am going to be THE Bruington's Biggest Loser dangit! I've already established my 4-day goals (though not weight oriented yet) and I will win. Most definitely.

Weight: 172ish +/- a few lbs.
Height: 5'4.5"
BMI: 29ish... definitely end of overweight almost in obese category *cringe*
Time: 6 weeks give or take a few
Desired ending weight: the 160's (preferably below 167)

We plan on a family vacation to the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg Virginia in March. Dunno when in March but I plan on making my weight loss begin NOW so I look my best for.... who? MYSELF! I wanna lose some inches and tone some muscles!!! YEE HAW!