Saturday, May 31, 2008

YAY Sarah!

Sarah that is AWESOME!!! I'm so proud of you! How totally awesome!!! *cheers* The only thing that kept me from screaming hoorah out loud was the presence of my new roommate and her friend Justin. hee hee... ^^

I've been doing well... except until tonight. I ate two pieces of Domino's pizza, but I never got full today. Not like that's an excuse! I'm sure I consumed about 700 calories eating those pieces... maybe more, so I need to forget and do better! Have not exercised since like Tuesday, but me'n Taleea walked around campus for about 30 minutes at least so that was active-ness. Plus, I found the gym WOW! I love it! And the awesome thing is, you have to sign in with your i-card and get a byu gym outfit to exercise there, then you drop off your outfit when you're done to sign out and they wash it! xD I just think that's cool... haha.

So, next Wednesday me AND Taleea start Soccer together, yaaaaaaaay! Even though she's in ridiculously awesome shape compared to me (since she runs I guess 3 times a week or something), I'm determined to do good and keep it up. And today when we went grocery shopping, I got all healthy natural foods so yay! You keep it up as well Sarah!

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