Friday, May 30, 2008

Vacation CRASHES Diet!

(okay, so I wrote this yesterday on wordpad without internet for Tuesday's eating day)

So, I knew I’d eat bad food on the plane, or what I meant was eating unhealthy food. I kinda figured I wouldn’t eat so well ya know, especially yesterday and maybe till Friday, but MAN! I don’t like it! I started off by getting a healthy Arby’s salad Tuesday night, then going back to our hotel and swimming and holding onto the side of the pool and doing kicks for exercise for 30 minutes, did my ab work and was all set to keep at it through my trip. Well… Wednesday morning I did well BEFORE we got on the plane, because I got a whole wheat bagel from a bagel shop in front of our door for the flight. I ate half of it with a VERY thin spread of cream cheese and a banana (with an apple, a smooshed ALL FRUIT roll up, and a packet of sliced roasted almonds and water for snacks for the trip). I felt good at that point…
Then, little nice first class offers me something to drink, and I refuse. Yay! So I drink the bottle of water they had sitting on my seat. Then once we took off (and about an hour and a half after my breakfast) they go around taking orders for breakfast. It’s either cereal or an egg quesadilla with sausage. Egg quesadilla. WHAT AM I THINKING?!?!?!?!! My seat buddy got one too, a very nice older lady named Dixie who talked to me all about her little grandchildren, I liked her a lot. So then they bring out this scrumptious looking meal with actually decent sized portions! (for America, that is) They had four little circles of sausage (looks like they cut cross ways a sausage link), two triangles of the quesadilla per plate with cheese, eggs and black beans; a container of salsa for it; a bowl with two slices of watermelon, two slices of honeydew, and a small nip of pineapple; last but not least, a scrumptious looking small bun with probably a 9-12 grain mixture in it and dried cranberries, all complete with a thing of butter and strawberry jam to put on it.
…I ate it… I ate it ALL!!!! Except the condiments they provided and one sausage circle. DEVASTATION! I ruined my diet! And I ate a packet of nuts they offered me later, but I did resist the other goodies like sun chips and cookies! Then, we arrive and Alma –kindly, though too kindly considering my already butchered eating plan – took us to a Chinese BUFFET. I kept my plate under the best control I could the first time, loading it up with vegetables, only TWO pot stickers (though they were significantly larger and more full than the frozen ones we cook at home), only HALF an eggroll (they had them all cut in half, that was SO nice!), and something else, but no rice! I inhaled my plate and felt full… though not terribly so. The problem then was that I was watching Alma and Dad nibble their food and kept thinking about eating. So I got one more small dose of the vegetables and got some watermelon slices and orange slices instead of anything else. Once I was done with that, I wasn’t really tempted by the food anymore, except for the thought of the ice cream that was in the freezer… so I gave in and went to go get some.

HAHAHAHA!!! IT was WONDERFUL! These Chinese people really know how to cut portions and cater to weight-loss’ers! They had little cups that were maybe a size and a half larger than the cups you put arby’s sauce in (‘cept they were portion) and they had probably about a regular eating-sized spoonful of ice cream in each of them… and a little less. Luckily, their freezer was really cold so it was hard to dish out, so I ate my mint chocolate chip smudge in DINKY bites, and it was excellent! I actually really enjoyed it like that! So then, when the smudge was almost just a faint marr in my saucer, I ate half of my fortune cookie and WHAT A DUO! It tasted SO good after the taste of that ice cream, that I took the last of the smudge and put it in the fortune cookie and ate it… DELECTABLE!
Okay, I’ll wrap the rest quickly. I ate ¾ of my leftover bagel with creamcheese later and my smooshed fruit roll up and an orange and some grapes somewhere around 4:00 their time (which, we had eaten Chinese at 11:30 their time…) then we went to some burger place at around 7:30. I wanted to eat healthy, and I KNOW I had regained my self control but I LET myself get something other than a salad. I got a what I thought was a grilled lemon chicken sandwich with lemon dressing stuff, lettuce and tomato. But, it came out as a piece of breaded chicken (no, TWO BIG pieces of chicken) with one slice of tomato, lettuce, TONS of mayonnaise (which, I had been hoping to avoid), and all the onions I’d ordered on it. I was kinda upset/mad/frustrated, but I didn’t complain I just ate it. And how terrible. I allowed myself to eat some of Dad’s fries and some of Robin’s onion rings because I figured that I was already botching my plan and I’d just do better Thursday… but I felt so gross afterwards. The chicken sandwich oozed grease (not a lot of it, but the mayonnaise was getting runny because it was heated up by the contents of the sandwich) on my hand, and when I was done eating it it was just a gross dirty feeling. Your mouth feels so refreshed after eating a salad or a hummus wrap, but after eating something like that its just nasty. And I did have to note that Robin did not finish off the onion rings and she left part of her sandwich… *makes mental note to follow the eating habits of skinny people and NOT eat all her food*
I did not exercise yesterday, obviously… but I just ate my breakfast this morning of a small bowl of special k with strawberries cereal (little amount of cereal and 1% milk), some fresh cherries and water. I am doing better today daggonnit!!!

(sorry its so long... lol)

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