Saturday, May 31, 2008

Success at last!

First of all, I just read your posts Mary and even though you let things go one day you got back on the proverbial 'wagon' so don't beat yourself up too hard, the important thing is to realize your mistakes and keep on trudging along! You are doing so awesome!!!

Ok so back to my story...

After Mary left I found myself snacking more (because Mary wasn't there to see me... so I guess it goes both ways Mary, I don't like to do things that YOU may catch ME doing either!) And the scale got stuck at 177--at least it seemed to me. It actually was at 176 yesterday, but thats not the point. I was frustrated because of course as everyone knows the whole point of exercising and obsessing over your food and weight is to see the scale going down. So yesterday I really watched what I ate. I had a measured serving of cereal for breakfast, a spinach salad with strawberries and walnuts for lunch (oh YUM YUM YUM!) a banana for a snack and one helping of gumbo for dinner.

Sooo this morning I hop on the scale and.. have you ever stepped on the scale and the number was so unexpected you take a few seconds to comprehend what you are seeing? Well that was me this morning. The scale read 174.8! I had been prepping myself for 176 and HOPING for 175 so I was totally shocked to see 174 (even if there was that pesky .8 at the end, making it much closer to 175) So now I am officially at Mary's starting weight! Which is awesome! That was my first 'goal'! Now off to get lighter than Mary! Hahahah

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