Wednesday, May 21, 2008

At Mom's

So due to my stress level being at an ALL TIME HIGH I am back at my moms house. And here is where I mess up my diet the most. Er, I'm not really on a "diet" but I tend to overeat/overindulge while I am here. But not this time! Mary is here which helps a lot but she's leaving for Idaho next week (waah!) but I will be ok without her.. I think. Haha ;)

So yesterday Mary and I did a workout video that she does. Prevention 3-2-1 something-or-other, it was pretty intense and I kept wondering WHEN IS THIS GOING TO END?!?! It has a lot of little segments. It was fun though. Today I did 30 minutes on the treadmill while the kids watched TV! It was awesome. I need a treadmill. What a great way to workout AND watch the kids AND keep them occupied. Thats my biggest problem at home, when I'm working out they are literally right under my feet. The kids AND the dog. She likes to lay down right behind me while I'm working out so when I step backwards I trip over her! Pooh.

Anyway eating-- I'm working on that. Mary is doing really well keeping track of calories and I haven't been tracking what I've been eating so of course I've been eating more. I'm going to be trying to get a grip on that this week because I want to see that scale go DOWN!

Anyway all in all I'm trying pretty hard to make some progress. I think I've lost a few pounds-- nothing substantial yet but I'll keep plugging along!

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