Thursday, May 15, 2008


Everyday this week (tomorrow and Saturday included of course!) I've worked out, done all my schoolwork, and ate healthy (with a few mishaps, but nothing major enough to freak out about). It's all in the mindset! I know it's silly, but ever since I thought of it like "Hey, you wouldn't even THINK about giving into pressure to drink or smoke, so WHY can't you keep yourself from eating excess amounts of food?" since that I basically haven't. So, there's been a couple mistakes, but when I make one I just ignore it and focus on the positive and tell myself: "Do better next time! " And then when I get discouraged because I personally don't see a WHOLE lot of difference, I just tell myself "Keep trying and after a year of exercising and eating healthy you'll at least be in great shape even if you're still 158 pounds!"

I'm so glad we started this blog, you're doing a great job Sarah and I can't wait to see you and exercise with you Saturday morning! (You, Sabina and I can go for a walk and leave Jason to take care of the boys in the morning) Just think of how good we're gonna look, and how good we FEEL! It's so nice to exercise because you feel so AWESOME afterwards! Keep up the good work, let's keep on truckin'!
Here's me enjoying a 'heavenly' piece of apple with that delectable bit of stuff inside that you gave me the recipe for Sarah! (I need to work on my heavenly face, it sorta looks like I'm staring cautiously at the ceiling... o.O)

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Sarah said...

I LOVE the pictures Mary! Yes, lets keep up the good work! I am so proud of you/us!