Thursday, May 15, 2008

The thing I'm most looking forward to...

Since I'm a mother I'm up and down all the time-- sitting on the floor, jumping up to get stuff, etc...

Well the thing I am MOST looking forward to about being 40 some pounds lighter is being able to hop up easier! My gosh I feel like an old lady it takes me so long to get up off the floor!

Anyway I have been doing ok lately. Last night I was at Tracy's house and I ate a second hot dog and more potato chips than I should have had. And today... well I had a few mishaps today but nothing major. The biggest thing was I made pot pies (real healthy, I know) for the boys for dinner and I made myself one of those Healthy Choice tv dinner things (350 calories, 9 grams of fat and it includes a dessert! Not a great dessert, but its sweet) Well as I was cooling off the kids pot pies I took a few bites. And then Jeremy didn't eat his and I took a few more bites. Then I later looked at his plate (which he didn't even touch!) and noticed that there was quite a bit gone from his pot pie. Ok realistically it MAY have been 1/3rd but probably more like 1/4. I still had guilt though. Those pot pies have 21 grams of fat in them and something like 400 or 500 calories!

Tonight I hooked the bike trailer up to my bike and I put Jeremy in the baby seat on my bike and the other boys in the bike trailer and did 4 laps around the block. The block is probably about 1/2 mile so thats 2 miles. Not bad for adding about 100 extra pounds (or more!) to my bike!!!!!!!! I was pooped!

Oh and halfway through our ride the boys said "There's a frog in here!" I thought they were joking, or saw a stick that looked like a frog or something. Nope, I pulled over and there was a FROG in the bike trailer behind the seat. Well, it was probably a toad but we haven't gotten to the frog vs toad section of our homeschooling yet! So anyway I chased it out. We tried to get Nathan to pick it up but he was afraid he would squish it and I didn't want to pick it up. I don't know what happened to me, I used to go looking for them to pick up and now I don't want to touch them. Weird.

So anyway. I'm going to do some crunches, push ups and maybe a few squats while I watch my tv shows tonight to round out the leg work I did in my bike!

Oh and I FEEL thinner. I put on some workout pants tonight that I wore earlier in the week and I swear my tummy isn't bulging out of them like it was before. I am really excited for the scale to get here tomorrow night! OH-- and my husband too hahaha. I just hope I'm not disappointed.

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