Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tired...oh so tired...

My temptation meter was in the RED tonight, and my self control was sorely tried. I DID prevail, but I was still slightly full after dinner and my midday snack went a little over the edge. Anyways, I'm just gonna do better tomorrow!

But I'm tired, SOOOO tired. Not necessarily physically, just sorta mentally, overwhelmingly, etcetera. I've got Jennifer to cart around 4 days this week, a horse's eye to medicate 3 times everyday this week, 2-3 hours of schoolwork to do everyday this week, 2-4 hours of work to do 4 days this week, allergy shots on Monday, Institute on Wednesday, a talk to write for Sunday, a Ren Faire to head to Friday afternoon and then come home from RIGHT afterwards on Saturday night, not to mention feeding the goats twice a day, reading my scriptures and ensign everyday, somehow going to bed at 10:30 every night and waking up each day at 6:30, BREATHING..........

and to add to it, I've still got to watch what I eat each day, make sure I don't go TOO long between meals (I either eat too many meals or go too long between them, sometimes there'll be a 7 hour gap between breakfast and lunch), exercise everyday, and then the fact that it takes me 5 minutes to get together and take all my meds in the mornings, the showers I have to take on an every-other-day basis, and the 30 minutes of "bed prep" I do every night. phew! Oh, and Sabina's skirt I have to help her make, but Mom'll help I'm sure and I'm excited for THAT part!

Anyways, dunno if I'll have the chance to blog on here this week or the next. I've got lots of schoolwork to do it's not even funny, plus packing and shopping for school. Fun but exasperating! And then add my horse and it's one giant mess, THANK HEAVEN this Thursday is my LAST day of work - yippeeee!!!!

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