Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter Blues are getting better :)

I have been fighting the winter blues pretty bad. I've tended to turn on the tv to a movie or pbs and park the kids in front of it while I nap or crochet or just poke my nose into a book. I really do enjoy a good book, but not at the cost of my health and my kids health. I decided last Monday that we needed to just get out of the house and move! So I bundled the kids up and took them for a 60 min walk around the neighborhood in the snow and ice! It was so much fun for them that we did it again the next 3 days. Of course this made sure that we all got sick for the weekend and are finally well enough to go back outside today so we went out (fresh snow again, about 6-8 inches) and didn't make it very far but came back and played in the snow in the yard building a snowman and whatnot. It was very refreshing and a good workout. We put our things in the dryer so we can go out again after nap time and jump in the untouched snow of the backyard this time. Since I started this pregnancy ahead of the curve on the weight side of things, I wouldn't mind keeping the weight off as much as possible. Besides, staying fit and trying to be healthy is not going to hurt the baby! :) I'm just not going to overdo it but am trying to make a conscious effort to stay active at home, watch minimal tv and be productive. We'll see :) Monday's check in weight at the dr: 180. Better than I thought, but still a lot...

Sorry for the novel Mary and Sarah. I hope y'all are having good luck with staying healthy and losing weight.

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