Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Been Counseled

I actually went to a counselor about overeating/food addiction, and she says she doesn't think I'm addicted to food.... hmm, I beg to differ. We talked about everything else as well and she made me commit to not helping a certain friend whom I've been holding up and carrying for the past 10 years and just letting that friend go so I can quit dealing with it.

Whatever, she said if I got rid of that, it might help (although I eat because I'm bored mostly, not necessarily because I'm stressed) but the sooner I realize food itself is not the issue and make food my friend I'll get over it. "Tell yourself that hey, if you're hungry you'll eat; if you're not hungry you won't eat." I've overeaten my caloric intake for the past few days, but I think I'm doing somewhat better. I still am overeating at times, but I'm overcoming it bit by bit.

Thanks for the tip Becca, I've kept that in mind and tried to establish that in my daily life. I also made a commitment to go exercise at the gym once a week this semester. I figured if I did 3-4 times I would fail miserably because it would be this huge obligation, but if I make sure I go at least one day, that's attainable and it might motivate me to do other days as well!

Good luck yall!

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