Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the whole family!

We all went for a walk yesterday, including Allen. Of course Belle wasn't there so it wasn't the whole family per se but it was the whole family that lives with us...lol With Allen along it was a bit quicker of a pace but that's alright. It's better for us right?? He even carried Lily and then Noah on his shoulders. Not so much for fun, but as a means for them to keep up! Of course when he put Lily down to pick up Noah she wanted to ride on my shoulders, which I've done from time to time but couldn't this time because I was pushing an empty stroller. So I got her to take a ride in the stroller instead. It was a good time and I look forward to more family walks on the weekends.

Along with my sudden start with exercising, I have started really making good things for our family to eat. Part of this has to do with eating what we have due to lack of money for any alternative but part of it is that I want to be better about using my food storage and eating right. I want my kids to grow up healthy and strong and it's very important for them to eat right now, so it's not a matter of not know how later in life. I have seen families that have eaten poorly their whole lives and when expected to change for medical reasons or any reason, they simply cannot because they don't know how. Luckily I was raised in a home that did not eat out or over-eat. I do not over eat regardless of how poor the quality of my food may be. I am overweight because I made poor food choices, not because I over-indulged. Thank goodness. Well, I'll get off this soap box and get started! I have bread baking in the oven and need to read my scriptures! Have a good day! :)

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