Monday, April 21, 2008


I'm going to start posting only my food/exercise diary for the day each day.

3 miles of powerwalk/running intervals (about 37 mins)


1/2 c. homemade granola
1/2 c. vanilla yogurt
8 oz. orange juice

apple juice box
1/2 c. applesauce
1/2 whole wheat pita w/2 tbsp. hummus & handful salad mix (spinach, lettuce, shredded carrot, a slice of cucumber)

a roll with 2 tsp. butter
rice cake w/1.5 tbsp. natural almond butter

green beans
salad w/1 tbsp. ranch
serving ham fettucine
1/3ish c. ice cream w/a little bit of cranberry crisp

Current Exercise Goal: Walk track and run one end of it 10 times 3x a week
Eventual Exercise Goal: Run a mile

Current Food Goal: Eat at least 5 fruits/vegetables a day
Eventual Food Goal: Eat at least 7-9 fruits/vegetables a day

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Well done despite

I've been doing pretty dang good this week, despite the fact that I'm house sitting and am not at home in the mornings and evenings! Today, I -almost- failed my food thing, after eating two (maybe three) helpings of Pirate's Booty (like cheddar corn puffs but organic). Gah! >.< In fact, I was so sick and tired of my stomach being empty, I almost ate something other than the healthy wrap I made myself around 3:30.

That's my only problem with this diet, is that my stomach is empty and growling aLOT and it's hard to stop it. Especially when no healthy food is around. Wednesday night I called all the Single Adults about us meeting at the High School track at 6:00 before Institute at 7:00; Brandy, Jon and I were the only ones who came, but we walked/jogged/whatever for 40 minutes! Afterwards, I got a chicken caesar salad from Wendy's, used half a pack of low-fat Ranch (90 calories per pack) and other than 4 or 5 bites that Brandy had, ate the whole thing. And would you believe that did NOT fill me up? 20-30 minutes afterwards my stomach was still hungry! Unfortunately, I went to David's afterwards and him and Sabina don't really have alot of food there because they're gone alot, so I simply ate half a peanut butter sandwich. (White bread w/2 tbsp. crunchy peanut butter, the best I could do) And I didn't eat that out of obsession/desire, I ate it just to keep my stomach from growling because I know that's bad!

Anyways, I found a Belly, Butt and Thighs workout here at the house I'm house sitting and I just did it. The lunges ALWAYS kill me! I think I will go back to doing some sort of strength training Tuesdays/Thursdays and walking/jogging Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays, with something fun like hiking on Saturdays. My plan is to go to the High School track 3 times a week and work up to jogging a mile, then speeding up to where I'm running it. Jon's working on running a 10k, but he injured himself so he's going back into it slow.

Sorry for the long post Sarah, let's see what you have. Quickly, I'll write down my exercising this week:

Monday- 25 min walk around pasture, in woods, etc, with a 10 minute jogging/walking segment (up and down hills, here where I'm house sitting)
Tuesday- 30 min walk w/Princess the dog down Jamestown/Blue Bend
Wednesday- 40 min walk/power walk on Track w/Jon and Brandy
Thursday- 30 min Prevention's Belly, Butt and Thighs workout

Saturday, April 12, 2008

aaaaand here *I* am!

Great job Sarah! I have been keeping a mental food journal today, and an "actual" food journal the past three days. I decided not to log it on here, because it's alot to put and I want to focus on my wide range of exercising I've done this week.

Monday- 20-25 mins Clogging/Gen. Dancing/etc
Tuesday- 30 mins DDR
Wednesday- 20 min walk around town w/friends at church
Thursday- 30 mins DDR
Friday- 30 min walk w/Brandy and Lady the dog
Saturday- 25 min walk w/Lady the dog

EVERY day except today I've done my crunches and different ab work. I'm so proud of myself! I'm so proud of Sarah too! We're doing so well! This week I've been going to bed on time, waking up on time, getting 8 hours, exercising and eating right and I just have felt SO good! My only failures of going to bed were the past two nights and tonight -- but I still did my exercising!!! I also ate a little much at Kristen's today where I felt full... not necessarily uncomfortably so, but fuller than I've felt all week which isn't necessarily good.

And, each night when it's after 8:00 and I want something to eat SO bad and feel like I wouldn't be able to resist, I eat a 50 calorie organic rice cake with low salt (which kinda equals NO salt, because it had really no flavor or taste whatsoEVER) and it works for me! It satisfies the craving and I'm good. Plus, I haven't had any salt/sweet attacks and today instead of eating a piece of pizza for a snack (or just to calm my stomach, because it was empty/growling but not time for dinner yet) I ate half a hunk of fresh mozzerella cheese and a piece of toast with natural peanut butter (like the fresh kind made directly from unsalted peanuts from the health food store). I feel gooooood!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sarah Here-- Day 18 and 19

Well here I am again, wondering where my little sister is!!

Things are going good so far. I did NOT want to get up and exercise this morning but I did it anyway-- I can do this for 21 days!

Day 19

Exercise: Walk Away the Pounds 1 mile, 50 crunches
I ate:
2 banana muffins
4 strawberries
chicken penne asparagus thing- about a serving?
1 brownie
100 calorie pretzel pack
1 (98% fat free!) hot dog and bun (white bun :( )
2 servings sweet potatoes
1 serving applesauce (no sugar)
1 serving baked doritos (Yes, once again, I counted out a serving)
2 c popcorn (no butter just salt)

Day 18:

Exercise: 25 minutes of Dance Dance Revolution + 50 crunches
I ate:
1 slice whole grain toast with butter
1 banana
1/2 c yogurt
3 sticks celery with peanut butter and raisins
swig of grape juice
asparagus and penne pasta (finally finished up the leftovers!!)
3 slices of cantaloupe (equaling about 1/4 of an entire cantaloupe)
1 brownie
1/2 grilled chicken breast
2 c salad with ranch dressing and tomatoes, cucumber and cheddar cheese
1 serving oven baked potato fries
1/2ish (or less) c ice cream. I really didn't like it all that much so I dumped it out.

Today I started to go snacking in the kitchen. I opened up the snack cabinet and was about to stuff some goldfish crackers in my pie hole, but I stopped myself. I went to go do something else and forgot about snacking. GO ME! I tend to feel really hungry/snacky around 4 p.m. so I've started concentrating on making dinner instead of stuffing crap into my mouth before dinner so I'm not even hungry by the time dinner rolls around.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sarah Here-- Day 21 and 20

Counting backwards of course, the days get less and less every morning! HOORAY!
Day 21:
Exercise: 25-30 minutes of Dance Dance Revolution. It was fun! Then I did about 40 crunches.
I ate:
1/4 cantaloupe
1/2 blueberry bagel with cream cheese
1 nutrigrain bar
1 and 1/2 halves of a bagel with cheddar cheese
handful of grapes
8 baby carrots
1 1/2 white cheddar rice cakes
2 servings penne and asparagus
water x2
1/2 c banana cream pudding with bananas
2 graham cracker squares

Day 20:
Exercise: 30 minute cardio workout video (MTV something-or-other) and crunches
I ate:
1 glass grape juice
1 scrambled egg
1 slice toast w/ butter (whole wheat)
100 calorie pack of chocolate covered pretzels
1 waldorf chicken salad
1 stick celery with cream cheese
1 serving rice cakes (little chip sized ones, I counted out a serving)
1 clementine
1 stuffed portabella mushroom
1 serving steamed radishes
1 serving salad with honey dijon dressing
a few bites of macaroni and cheese (I made it for the kids and didn't put any on my plate)
1 serving of brownie (yes, I measured. read the box and measured it out. 160 calories for one serving) plus a few crumbs.. shh!

And I'm feeling good so far!!

I am also staying off the computer... er, trying to. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my computer days.. but really NIGHTS I am not using the computer until after the kids are in bed.

Monday, April 7, 2008


(This is Mary posting)

Me and Sarah did not continue the "Bruington's Biggest Loser" thing, but we've now begun a 21-day Plan. We figure, while thinking about eating healthy and exercising for the rest of our lives seems intimidating (and might be the cause of many failed diet/exercise plans), that we can certainly do at least 21 days. So, today was the start of our 21-day plan of eating right and exercising. But I'm going to allow myself until Midnight to post, seeing as how I'm usually still at work at noon.

I shall begin. Today I exercised for 20 minutes doing clogging and general dancing. I also did 5-7 minutes of ab work. Unfortunately, I sort of forgot about my eating right thing and ate two scoops of ice cream with two oreos crushed on it. >.< Oops. I'll do better tomorrow!