Monday, April 7, 2008


(This is Mary posting)

Me and Sarah did not continue the "Bruington's Biggest Loser" thing, but we've now begun a 21-day Plan. We figure, while thinking about eating healthy and exercising for the rest of our lives seems intimidating (and might be the cause of many failed diet/exercise plans), that we can certainly do at least 21 days. So, today was the start of our 21-day plan of eating right and exercising. But I'm going to allow myself until Midnight to post, seeing as how I'm usually still at work at noon.

I shall begin. Today I exercised for 20 minutes doing clogging and general dancing. I also did 5-7 minutes of ab work. Unfortunately, I sort of forgot about my eating right thing and ate two scoops of ice cream with two oreos crushed on it. >.< Oops. I'll do better tomorrow!

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