Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sarah Here-- Day 21 and 20

Counting backwards of course, the days get less and less every morning! HOORAY!
Day 21:
Exercise: 25-30 minutes of Dance Dance Revolution. It was fun! Then I did about 40 crunches.
I ate:
1/4 cantaloupe
1/2 blueberry bagel with cream cheese
1 nutrigrain bar
1 and 1/2 halves of a bagel with cheddar cheese
handful of grapes
8 baby carrots
1 1/2 white cheddar rice cakes
2 servings penne and asparagus
water x2
1/2 c banana cream pudding with bananas
2 graham cracker squares

Day 20:
Exercise: 30 minute cardio workout video (MTV something-or-other) and crunches
I ate:
1 glass grape juice
1 scrambled egg
1 slice toast w/ butter (whole wheat)
100 calorie pack of chocolate covered pretzels
1 waldorf chicken salad
1 stick celery with cream cheese
1 serving rice cakes (little chip sized ones, I counted out a serving)
1 clementine
1 stuffed portabella mushroom
1 serving steamed radishes
1 serving salad with honey dijon dressing
a few bites of macaroni and cheese (I made it for the kids and didn't put any on my plate)
1 serving of brownie (yes, I measured. read the box and measured it out. 160 calories for one serving) plus a few crumbs.. shh!

And I'm feeling good so far!!

I am also staying off the computer... er, trying to. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my computer days.. but really NIGHTS I am not using the computer until after the kids are in bed.

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