Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Gonna Happen!

So I wrote my food planner for today and I'm gonna STICK TO IT! I only have 945 calories of meals combined (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) so that leaves 500 available to snack with. I'm not going to allow myself to snack past what I allocated, but since I've been having so much extra junk/crap I have to have extra available calories.

I woke up this morning to exercise however... and I didn't. >.< I'm gonna go after Career Exploration, however, when I'm more awake and determined. :)

And even though it's only 8:34am, I was up at 7:45am and I already ate breakfast but I've stuck to my meal plan! I'm gonna eat lunch around 12:15 so I'm not eating from 12:45 to 4:15 so my stomach'll be nice and empty for exercising after class.

Discouraging but encouraging.

Well some days the daily weighing just backfires on me. This morning I weighed 164.4 and yesterday morning I was 163.2. I can't figure out where I went wrong. Bah. So anyway since I was feeling so blue I decided to go measure my waist. On Tuesday, June 24 I measured my waist and it was 35.5, well today I measured my waist and it was 32"!!! So I've lost 3.5 inches on my waist in less than a month! WOOT!

I tell you what though, I am REALLY READY to see the 150's.

Monday, July 14, 2008

NO, toDAY is THE day!

Grrrr.... I didn't do so hott yesterday, and ate lots of sweets. After all, Taleea made two pies, someone offered me a brownie, someone gave me a piece of this delectably savory delicioso chocolate chip cookie casserole, AND my other roommate made these oreo frozen cookie things. Luckily though, Katey one of my roommates will stop me from eating food, ESPECIALLY if I voice my desire to. So that's nice, I commend her for her efforts, I just need to quit eating so much!

Oh, and this morning I had basically two big bowls of cereal and an apple. I'm just gonna say it was about 500 calories and leave it there. That means I've got 1000 left today, which I'll probably need about 300 available for FHE tonight because we're going to Anthony's house and his mom is gonna have "goodies" for us. Oh brother! But I shall not allow myself to splurge anymore today! I WILL NOT!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Today's the day! the Sun is shining! The slate is clean!

Okay, so yesterday I didn't do so well... probably consumed 2000 calories, which is okay for weight MAINTAINING but I settled for it and I can't settle! I have to stick with 1500 so I can LOSE weight!

Day before I did horribly horrible horrible and Thursday. But today I'm gonna do better! I can do this! I can lose weight! I can be skinny! 'sides, I want guys to WANT to take me on dates daggonnit!!! And I can't WAIT WAIT WAIT to get home!!!

Woo hoo!

163.6 This morning on the scale. I'm getting so close to the 150's I can taste it! Ha!

I was really careful about my eating yesterday. I made BLT wraps for lunch that were SUPERB but I only ate half and that was plenty. I gave David the other half and he really liked them, good for you David! I have sworn off processed sugars and I think that will help with my weight loss. One of my teeth BROKE! I am going to be much more careful about what I put into my mouth and my kids as well. We consume way too much sugar! Not just us, our entire nation... but thats another story.

Friday, July 11, 2008


...as Taleea would say! Yesterday I did terrible. Ate half of my friend's cookie dough blizzard thing, ate brownie batter, ate a sliver of a pie, sat and ate TONS of salsa and chips and then proceeded to eat almost my whole thing of cottage cheese with tortilla chips... and more. WAY terrible!

And I went to Broulim's last night and got orange juice and chicken noodle soup because I felt a runny nose/sore throat coming on last night. Well, I don't have one today but I overate my food at breakfast (600 calories) and I was SO tempted to not record it, but I did! Then I drank some orange juice and ate some beef jerky, but I recorded those as well. So now, I've already consumed 1000 calories today and only have 500 calories left to eat today! But I'm sticking to that! I'm eating 200 calories for lunch and leaving the leftover 300 for a 200 calorie dinner and 100 calories to beat cravings later.

I was SO incredibly tempted to not record my food, but I did anyways! (I lost it last night because I ate so much) And now I have to pay for it by hardly getting anything to eat for the rest of the day. I am going to exercise at some point, but I allowed myself to sleep in today and didn't exercise this morning because of my obnoxious allergies. (I slept in till 7:30am.... >.<) Now I'm sitting here in my math classroom after class, taking advantage of the college's wi-fi that doesn't reach my off-campus apartment because no wireless or ethernet connection is working there right now! Luckily, this was my only class today so I'm heading home now to eat my skimpy lunch, finish my Book of Mormon homework, write my career exploration paper, then watch and fall asleep to Bedknobs and Broomsticks for fun.

Okay, so I'm treating this as my normal blog, maybe I'll transfer this crud to my normal one later if our internet begins to work at home, but anyways this is my last Friday night in Rexburg and I have no idea what I"m gonna do. I guess me'n Katey'll think of something, Taleea's got a hott date and Vanessa's got her fiance and Megan's got her Pablo and Cami's got Justin coming home tonight MAYBE. I don't want a date or a guy really, I've been anti-social this week because I'M SO ANXIOUS TO GO HOME!!!! (wow I totally didn't mean that to be caps lock but I accidentally hit the button and it fit my mood! haha!) I just want to do something fun, not really with a guy, I want to stay single for a LOOOOOOOONG time!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Well I made it to TN and back without gaining anything, but of course I haven't lost anything either. I'm still stuck at 166 and I think I lost some of my non-snacking resolve while in TN. Yesterday I beat myself up over my snacking, determined not to do it again today but then I did anyway. It was bad... not as bad as I used to be, but I'm certain I ate more than 1500 calories! (Go Mrrh!)

So here I am, being accountable. I figured I need to get my thoughts down so I can be accountable to something other than my own head. So, tomorrow I will NOT snack unless it is fruit or veggies. If I have a dessert, I will only have one for the ENTIRE day. And I won't pop food in my mouth while cooking.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Exercise: 40 minutes, jogging, power walking, bleachersx3, abs, pushups and tricep dips

Food Journal:

Breakfast - 350 calories
Oatmeal w/raisins, butter and salt

Lunch- 350 calories
PB&J Sandwich

Dinner- 400 calories
Green Beans

Snacks- 365 calories
2 small bananas
2 pickles
1 peppermint lifesaver
Piece of cheese
Fruit roll-up

TOTAL CALORIE COUNT: 1,465 calories
Limit: 1500


Monday, July 7, 2008

Renewal of Commitment

I'm renewing my commitment to eat 1500 or less calories a day. And I'm gonna do it daggonnit! I'll go to sleep earlier (11:00) and get up earlier (6am tomorrow) and EXERCISE EVERYDAY NOT JUST SOCCER DAYS!!!

7-7-08 Log

Exercise: 2 hour soccer class

Food Journal: note: specified amounts are not included to save space, but all calories are calculated according to the portions/amounts I ate

Breakfast - 300 calories
Cookie Dough

Lunch- 450 calories
PB&J Sandwich

Dinner- 300 calories
Roast beef w/cheese on tortilla

Snacks- 480 calories
1/3 snickers bar
1 brownie
Bag of dried fruit (apricots, cherries and cranberries)

Total Calorie Count: 1530 calories
Over: 30 calories