Friday, July 11, 2008

Boosh! Taleea would say! Yesterday I did terrible. Ate half of my friend's cookie dough blizzard thing, ate brownie batter, ate a sliver of a pie, sat and ate TONS of salsa and chips and then proceeded to eat almost my whole thing of cottage cheese with tortilla chips... and more. WAY terrible!

And I went to Broulim's last night and got orange juice and chicken noodle soup because I felt a runny nose/sore throat coming on last night. Well, I don't have one today but I overate my food at breakfast (600 calories) and I was SO tempted to not record it, but I did! Then I drank some orange juice and ate some beef jerky, but I recorded those as well. So now, I've already consumed 1000 calories today and only have 500 calories left to eat today! But I'm sticking to that! I'm eating 200 calories for lunch and leaving the leftover 300 for a 200 calorie dinner and 100 calories to beat cravings later.

I was SO incredibly tempted to not record my food, but I did anyways! (I lost it last night because I ate so much) And now I have to pay for it by hardly getting anything to eat for the rest of the day. I am going to exercise at some point, but I allowed myself to sleep in today and didn't exercise this morning because of my obnoxious allergies. (I slept in till 7:30am.... >.<) Now I'm sitting here in my math classroom after class, taking advantage of the college's wi-fi that doesn't reach my off-campus apartment because no wireless or ethernet connection is working there right now! Luckily, this was my only class today so I'm heading home now to eat my skimpy lunch, finish my Book of Mormon homework, write my career exploration paper, then watch and fall asleep to Bedknobs and Broomsticks for fun.

Okay, so I'm treating this as my normal blog, maybe I'll transfer this crud to my normal one later if our internet begins to work at home, but anyways this is my last Friday night in Rexburg and I have no idea what I"m gonna do. I guess me'n Katey'll think of something, Taleea's got a hott date and Vanessa's got her fiance and Megan's got her Pablo and Cami's got Justin coming home tonight MAYBE. I don't want a date or a guy really, I've been anti-social this week because I'M SO ANXIOUS TO GO HOME!!!! (wow I totally didn't mean that to be caps lock but I accidentally hit the button and it fit my mood! haha!) I just want to do something fun, not really with a guy, I want to stay single for a LOOOOOOOONG time!

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