Friday, February 13, 2009


I hear ya Becca, it's so dang cold! Walked to my 7:45am class this morning in -8 degrees, my hair turned white as it frosted over and I exited my apartment eating an apple in one hand and a slice of cheese in the other... well, lets just say I was inHALING that apple because my hands were gloveless and they HURT SO bad. My hands really have never experienced such cold.

Anyways, I have been uncontrolled. Today and yesterday at least. I began this week VERY dedicated, organized and good. I went to bed on time everyday and for the most part followed my eating plan with small mess ups. But today I've done terrible and I only exercised once this week. I'm SO ashamed! I just feel uncontrolled!

But, I printed out motivational goal subconscious thingys (ya know, where you right goals in sentences of not "I'm going to do this" but "I am doing this! I have done this!" to tell yourself and implement it into your brain) It's hard to stay positive and be undiscouraged though, because I feel like if I mess up, then its pointless to read them because they obviously didn't work. Daggonnit! I can't think that! I won't! I don't! Agh! But I must do better, I WILL; I AM!

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